The Fish Tank: Miami Dolphins Tales From The Deep

“I Grew Up That Day”: OJ’s Daryl Gardener Story

August 21, 2018

Miami Dolphins Tales From The Deep


Daryl Gardener was Jimmy Johnson’s first-round draft choice in 1996, Johnson’s first year as the Miami Dolphins head coach. A giant amongst giants, Gardener stood 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighed more than 300 pounds, and quickly joined Tim Bowens in the middle of the Dolphins defensive line creating a two-man wrecking crew. On a hot August day in 2001, however, Gardener’s size and strength weren’t enough to prevent O.J. from taking issue with the defensive tackle’s approach to a two-minute drill. Now in The Tank, Juice recalls the conflict, and a moment that changed his life forever in this special training camp edition of our podcast.


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