The Fish Tank: Miami Dolphins Tales From The Deep

Mark Dixon: Hey Look at Me

September 17, 2018

Mark Dixon took the long road to the NFL after an All-American career at Virginia was derailed by injuries. Dixon went undrafted and had stops in Philadelphia, the World League and the CFL before Jimmy Johnson pulled off another personnel magic trick and brought him to Miami in 1998. Dixon instantly became a stalwart on the Dolphins’ offensive line, starting 60 of the 62 games he played in from 1998 – 2003. Mark dives into The Tank with OJ and Seth for his first Dolphins related interview in more than a decade and makes up for lost time. Fish Tank listeners have heard Dixon’s name in nearly every episode, but now the man himself discusses his constant fear of getting cut from the team, lessons learned from playing beside perennial All-Pro Richmond Webb, and battles against Hall of Fame defensive tackles like John Randle and Warren Sapp. Dixon’s off the field memories, however, are what listeners have been waiting to hear and he does not disappoint, giving his side of the road trips to Gainesville with Zach Thomas and Seth, and of course, he dominance on OJ’s basketball court.


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