The Fish Tank: Miami Dolphins Tales From The Deep

Shawn Wooden: It’s Who You Know

October 16, 2018

Miami Dolphins Tales From The Deep


Following a standout career at Notre Dame where he helped lead the Fighting Irish to victory over Florida State in “The Game of the Century,” Shawn Wooden was selected in the sixth round of the 1996 NFL Draft by Jimmy Johnson in his first season with the Miami Dolphins. In Miami, Wooden made the move from cornerback to safety and would go on to play nine seasons, eight of them with the Dolphins. Diving into The Tank, Wooden explains why OJ couldn’t convince him to sign with Penn State, goes one-on-one with Bobby Hurley during a recruiting trip to Duke, shares why he would run through a brick wall (or at least a door) for former teammate, Zach Thomas, and sheds some light on DB Night Out.


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