The Fish Tank: Miami Dolphins Tales From The Deep

Stu Weinstein: Hey Pal!

September 4, 2018

Miami Dolphins Tales From The Deep


After an 11-year, successful stint as a private investigator for NFL Security, Stu Weinstein became one of the pioneers for his position as Don Shula made him the Dolphins full-time Director of Security. Stu served 34 years in his post before retiring prior to this season, and during that time, protected the interests of Shula, Dan Marino, Jimmy Johnson and every other player and coach who donned the aqua and orange. You don’t spend nearly four decades handling security for an NFL franchise without some stories to tell, and Stu brings them in droves as he dives into The Tank. From Shula’s postgame meeting with Don Johnson to an epic Dan Marino-Michael Bolton celebrity softball game, and even a parking lot scuffle with Alex Rodriguez, Stu does not disappoint.


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